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Does cold have the effect to the rehabilitation of uremia?

2017-09-09 18:04

Colds are common in winter, but for some people with a disease, colds can be detrimental to treatment, especially in major diseases. We know the seriousness of uremia, so does cold have the effect to the rehabilitation of uremia?

Patient of uremia patient condition appears repeatedly, must treat as soon as possible, important should begin from the fundamental problem, the reason that finds out uremia disease sends, treat next to disease. Treatment of uremia is a long and complicated process, and it is also affected by some factors, such as the cold, which leads to a great reduction in the effect of treatment of uremia.

Cold is an important cause of repeated occurrence and aggravation of hematuria and proteinuria. When cold, the body's immune cells will engulf the invasion of bacteria and viruses in the body, forming an antibody, and then die, to achieve the eradication of bacteria function, to ensure that the body is not affected.

Have a cold have occurred in each of us, but because of uremia patients with weak constitution, immune cells less than normal, the immune function is not strong, when the body has bacteria invasion, sometimes immune cells not only phagocytosis of bacteria, but temporarily put bacteria contained, bacteria and germs in the body itself antibody binding as a kind of immune complex, with the blood circulation to the kidney, glomerular basement membrane deposition, and thus damage the kidneys, so that a large number of protein loss, will eventually lead to recurrence or exacerbation of uremia.

Since the cold will be such a big negative effect on uremic rehabilitation, patients with friends to actively do the warm work, especially in winter the easier cold season, we must pay attention to the occurrence of uremia patients prevent colds and other adverse factors work.

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