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Those good habits that keep you away from uremia!

2018-02-11 16:21

Although the final outcome of kidney disease are uremia, but some people received in 1 ~ 2 years, and some people in 30 or 40 years are still in three stage? The difference in prognosis lies in the prognosis, although it is affected by the condition itself. But also with the patient's own maintenance and good habits are inseparable.

Those good habits that keep you away from uremia!

Found in time, creatinine was not elevated or only slightly elevated. The day before the disease was discovered, there was an extra chance of treatment. Patients found timely, if creatinine did not rise, or just elevated part of the renal function is not damaged, or just a small part of the injury. At this time, there is a lot of room for doctors to treat and the difficulty will be much smaller. The effect of the final treatment will also be very good.

Appropriate taboo, but also to ensure balanced nutrition. Many dietary taboos in patients with nephropathy, less sodium and less oil, less spicy food stimulation. Note that a small amount of high-quality protein supplement. Listening is easy, but should know how hard to practice. Some patients can not afford to give up on themselves, some patients are doing too much, what dare not eat, leading to malnutrition, more serious condition, closer to uremia. Only proper taboo, not excessive, to maintain a balanced nutritional intake can have a good prognosis.

Insist on exercise. Persistent exercise can improve the patient's immunity, prevent colds, reduce the recurrence and aggravation of nephropathy. However, exercise should be gradual and slow. If you have a lot of proteinuria, a high degree of edema, gross hematuria, acute kidney injury and other conditions, can wait for a smooth condition before physical exercise. Exercise must master the degree, can not let themselves over exertion, but also play a training effect.

Maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, less angry and anxious. The impact of attitude on the condition must be greater than you think, people in emotional, blood pressure increases easily. Out of control of blood pressure does not have the slightest advantage of the disease, but also easy to make the disease worse and speed up the process of renal function. Appears increased protein situation.

Regular monitoring of blood pressure, blood pressure control stability. Blood pressure and kidneys interact with each other. Kidney damaged can lead to high blood pressure, and high blood pressure can damage the kidneys. Therefore, patients with good blood pressure control have a much better prognosis than patients with high or low blood pressure or surging.

Good control of blood sugar. Diabetic nephropathy is one of the main complications of diabetes mellitus, and diabetic nephropathy is one of the main complications of diabetes mellitus.Therefore, the control of blood sugar, is a necessary cornerstone to maintain a good kidney disease.

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