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How much water is suitable for dialysis patients

2017-02-02 15:17

The amount of drinking water is of little concern to people who are generally healthy, but it is important for dialysis patients. So, how much water to drink the most suitable for dialysis patients? This patient to be very attention, because we all know dialysis is will give patients bring different complications, but these complications have side effects on the human body is very large, and whether they have the appropriate drinking water also has an influence on the disease whether it is drinking, more or less will be brought to the patient bad performance is not the same, so be sure to drink proper water. So, how much water is suitable for dialysis patients to drink? Here we look at the description of the kidney experts:
First, we should ensure the regular dialysis. In accordance with the doctor's regular dialysis, and each dialysis time should be more than 4 hours, a good time to heal every week at or above 12 hours. Full hemodialysis can make water easier to control. Interval weight gain should be controlled in their own dry weight of 3-5%, preferably not more than 7%. For example, patients with 60kg have the highest no way to exceed 4.2kg; otherwise, it is easy to show hypotension or muscle spasm during dialysis. To communicate with your doctor or nurse more often than not, to make sure that you get more professional advice about the type and amount of food you eat.
In the usual diet, try to get changed less salt, to reduce appetite taste as the standard, try to light, do not advocate cooking salt, soy sauce and generation. To put an end to eating salted products. Don't add salt when cooking, so far away from the salt dissolved completely, the amount that needs more tasty. When necessary, separate from the family (food), eat a lighter diet. Less salt gets, will make you feel mouth parched and tongue scorched significantly reduced, can better control the drinking desire, can also occur less muscle cramps during dialysis opportunity.
You feel very thirsty, can try to contain a little ice in the mouth, or chewing a fresh mint or chewing one or two piece of peppermint gum, or lemon smell, the cold feeling will make you feel comfortable. A cup selection scale, so that you will be in the water inside several, remember not to drink. Better able to drink up to a day of water on the size of a suitable container, do not drink, limited supply.
Do Steamed Rice, noodles, wonton, dumplings, Steamed Buns, Rice noodles, porridge + water content is not the same, you should be clear about how much to eat in the selection of appropriate. Dialysis nephropathy experts try not to eat outside the store, or on the special requirements of the taste to be lighter, such as do not put MSG, etc.. Oliguria patients suggest to try not to eat porridge, soup.
For dialysis patients, drink much water is most suitable for everyone? Kidney disease experts have made a detailed explanation, hope to patients according to the above explanation to control the amount of water to drinking water from their own, too much or too little and worse, and then make their own health under threat. If there is to show their body showed no abnormalities, it must be time to go to the hospital for examination and acceptance of treatment, because the disease is a very big harm to the body, only early treatment, they get out of the pain, you can early treatment.

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