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What is the difference between nephrotic syndrome and chroni

2017-09-14 18:17
What is the difference between nephrotic syndrome and chronic nephritis
And chronic nephritis nephrotic syndrome is the kidney disease, and the disease is very serious, if we do not know how to tell the difference, so their illness will not be able to get better control, so I hope everybody to tell the difference between the two seriously, then you can better control their illness.
The body of an organ is important is the kidney to excrete waste results, that is to say we once kidney problems, so we will seriously influence the health of body, in many types of kidney disease, the most common is the nephropathy syndrome and chronic nephritis, and this kind of disease is two what are the main differences? Here together to find out carefully.
Nephrotic syndrome
In fact, nephrotic syndrome is not a single disease but a clinical syndrome, the most obvious is the clinical features of patients will appear edema, and the emergence of a large number of proteinuria and hypoproteinemia, even high cholesterol, but basically does not appear high blood pressure, and hematuria and urinary tube, in addition to these in addition, nephrotic syndrome is prone to infection, causing serious complications such as sepsis.
chronic nephritis
Chronic nephritis is actually a chronic glomerular disease caused by chronic nephritis is caused because of various reasons, the main clinical manifestation is hematuria, proteinuria and severe edema, but not the same as the severity of the disease is completely different, the etiology of chronic nephritis, some say is the first appearance of edema. When the morning can see the eyelid edema. There are also some patients with elevated blood pressure symptoms, in the late stage of chronic nephritis patients will also appear symptoms of anemia, so we need to pay attention to.
The above is about the difference and chronic nephritis nephrotic syndrome, if your condition is not very understanding of their own, so they need to be carefully read through the above, whether the nephrotic syndrome or chronic nephritis is a serious disease, if we do not get treatment as soon as possible in early May, cause renal failure consequences occur, making our life has been seriously threatened.
What is the difference between nephrotic syndrome and chronic nephritis

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