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High creatinine of uremia

2017-01-26 15:54

High creatinine of uremia

Uremia creatinine is very high, if you get it will be seriously hurt, this kind of injury, both physical and psychological is very serious. And in a serious condition, but also at any time may take the patient's life, so after suffering from the disease must take the time to show.

1, before the onset, was robust and strong man often feel powerless, while walking legs soft feeling, but also in sports or labor usually feel particularly tired, rest after physical recovery, but as before, should prompt further examination.

2, edema is a sign of a high degree of uremia creatinine, however, because the edema is not a high performance of uremia creatinine exclusive performance, it is easy to be ignored. Uremic patients with high creatinine showed edema is characterized by early morning eyes or facial edema, afternoon and more subsided, tired after the increase, after the rest to reduce.

3.In  the high incidence of uremia creatinine before the patient's blood pressure will be increased, while the patients in the process of elevated blood pressure also expressed headache, dizziness, vertigo, tinnitus etc.. However, some patients with high blood pressure due to high blood pressure for a long time, high blood pressure has been tolerated, it can not feel any discomfort.

Many people do not know the high delay uremia creatinine, better cure period, we need to know the common sense of uremic high creatinine in daily life, the body unwell, go to the hospital immediately! My website under the kidney hospital "penetration of Chinese medicine therapy + six immune therapy" to clear the final effect of immune complex and the living kidney, but also can improve the kidney to damage the kidney cells of oxygen, recovery, treatment and maintenance to achieve synchronization.


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