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What symptom does senile uremia patient have?

2017-09-08 17:31

As a result of the elderly physical resistance is poor, so after suffering from uremia, illness development will be faster, so as uremic patients family, we must observe the prevalence of symptoms of uremia, to see whether his condition continued to increase, promptly notify the doctor, so as not to delay the treatment of urinary sepsis. So, what symptom does senile uremia patient have?

Digestive system: in the digestive system, the earliest symptoms of uremia in elderly patients are no appetite, appetite and indigestion. When the elderly are sicker, they may suffer from anorexia, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea.

Nervous system: changes in the nervous system are the most important symptom of uremia in the elderly. In the early stages of uremia, the symptoms often present are dizziness, headache, fatigue, loss of understanding and memory loss. With the aggravation of the disease, irritability, muscle tremors and convulsions can develop, and finally develop apathy, lethargy and coma.

Respiratory system: if an elderly person is suffering from acidosis, the patient often suffers from a slow and deep breathing, and when he is more severe, he can see a specific breathing of acidosis. The patient's exhaled breath has a taste for urine, which is due to bacteria breaking down the urea in the sleeping fluid to form ammonia. In elderly patients with uremia, pulmonary edema, fibrinous pleurisy or pulmonary calcification can occur, and pulmonary edema is related to heart failure, hypoproteinemia, sodium retention and other factors.

Cardiovascular system: chronic renal failure patients because of renal hypertension, acidosis, hyperkalemia, sodium and water retention, anemia and toxic substances, etc., can occur heart failure, arrhythmia and myocardial damage. Due to the stimulation of urea, can also have sterile pericarditis, elderly patients with uremia precordial pain.

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