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Experts explain dialysis in uremia

2017-01-24 11:19

Experts explain dialysis in uremia
For uremia, you know how many? Colleagues Xiao Cui recently in the blues, work time is always sleepy, neutral lunch break at noon and asked him what was wrong, the original small Cui grandma got uremia, is already late, now people do dialysis in the hospital, he turns every day with my mom and Dad take care of grandma replacement. Why do you want to do dialysis uremia with this problem, we look at how the experts answer it.
Experts say that one of the most direct way to quickly eliminate the toxin in uremia patients is dialysis, producing large amount of toxins in the body will endanger the patient's life at any time, so the friends of patients should immediately remove toxins from the body, make the body within the environment to achieve a basic balance, so that life can be maintained, the next step for the treatment of uremia bring the opportunity.
Cui said his grandmother after receiving hemodialysis treatment, that dialysis can be a variety of harmful substances in the body and remove them, thus relaxing the dietary restrictions, in fact, this is a wrong understanding. Maintenance hemodialysis patients with chronic renal failure, often less urine or urine, therefore, the intake of water must be limited, otherwise it will lead to edema, hypertension and heart failure and other complications.
Maintenance hemodialysis patients with a daily intake of water as much as the number of patients should be based on the specific circumstances. The principle is to measure the amount of input, to maintain balance. The amount of urine, including vomiting and diarrhea, insensible water loss amount (400 - 600ral/24h) and dialysis dehydration.
The amount of water intake, including daily water consumption, the water content of the food and the total amount of endogenous water metabolism. The judgment method of water balance in the body fluid is the most simple measurement of body weight, daily dialysis should weigh requirements during dialysis weight gain kept within a short period of time l 1.5kg, body weight changes are the result of the change of body fluid.
Anyway, by dialysis, can alleviate uremic illness, but experts explained that dialysis can prolong the life of patients, but not the root cause of the removal, in other words, palliatives. With the progress of medicine, uremia has a new breakthrough, bringing new hope to patients.

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