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Dialysis is to be a lifetime dialysis

2017-01-24 11:36

Dialysis is to be a lifetime dialysis

Whether to have dialysis after dialysis for a lifetime? For more advanced renal failure, hemodialysis in uremic patients, in order to replace the patient discharged excessive accumulation of toxins and metabolic waste, alternative work of kidney necrosis, a kidney disease treatment. Most of the world's people who rely on hemodialysis to support life are treated with hemodialysis. Hemodialysis can relieve symptoms and prolong survival time.

Hemodialysis is a membrane according to the balance principle, the patient's blood through a thin film with many holes (or pipe, the medical term, semipermeable membrane) these holes can allow smaller molecules to pass through, and the molecular diameter is greater than the membrane pores are blocked leaving dialysate contact with a semipermeable membrane containing chemical composition the.

Dialysis, blood flow through a small gap with a semi permeable membrane composition within the flow of dialysate in the outside, not particles of red and white blood cells and protein and other large holes through the semi permeable membrane; water, electrolyte and blood metabolites, such as urea, creatinine, guanidine and other small substances can diffuse through a semipermeable membrane to the dialysis solution; and dialysis fluid substances such as bicarbonate and acetate can also diffuse into the blood, to remove harmful substances, substances required to replenish the body.

There are a lot of the world basically have hospital dialysis, dialysis as a technical means, prolong the survival and advocate long-term dialysis patients, equal to a "machine" kidney, the original kidney will gradually atrophy and disuse.

In recent years, with the development of medical science and the progress of science and technology, Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital, from the start with disease differentiation and syndrome differentiation, combined with western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine and external application combined with traditional Chinese medicine and cure acute dialysis solutions, combined with all-round, multi angle, multi-level blocking in the treatment of uremia, renal fibrosis under the guidance of the theory, put forward the application micro Chinese medicine osmotherapy, starting from blocking renal fibrosis, improve renal function, improve patient quality, unless the critically ill patients, patients do not have general dialysis, or through medication must be gradually improved, dialysis, should be combined with traditional Chinese medicine conditioning, and then gradually reduce the number of dialysis in effectively adjusted, lengthen the duration of dialysis, until the best get rid of dialysis.

Dialysis after a lifetime to do it? I believe we have a certain understanding of the symptoms of kidney disease, of course, knowledge is not enough to understand, we have to apply to their body. Wish you a speedy recovery!


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