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To prevent children with uremia, from the birth of regular urine test, do not frequently change the doctor treatment

2017-02-11 15:09

To prevent children with uremia, from the birth of regular urine test, do not frequently change the doctor treatment

She is 11 years old this year, but the height was like a 6 year old children. My mother always thought he was slower than his peers. But recently, she often feel very tired, poor appetite, pale yellow, the number of Restroom to run more than ever. Mom took him to the hospital immediately. After diagnosis, not only did Xiaohua had anemia, also found proteinuria and hematuria, blood creatinine value of nearly 800 units, more than 100 times of normal value. The doctor judge Xiaohua had uremia, and the condition is not optimistic.

In recent years, uremia often will march to children, and often found a sick, appeared irreversible renal failure. Pediatricians remind, and adults, children under the age of 5 belongs to the urinary system congenital abnormalities, after 5 years of age and prevalence factors related nephropathy Jiuzhibuyu, therefore, attention should be paid to the early screening of congenital renal dysplasia, obstruction of urinary tract malformations, early treatment of primary disease, treatment do not frequently change the doctor.

Etiology: before the age of 5 is hypoplasia

"Kidney is a 'hard work' organ. Because of its strong function reserve, after the problem, often do not have obvious symptoms early, wait until symptoms appear, often have entered the renal insufficiency compensatory period." Lu Yiyun said that a lot of uremia children when the doctor, renal function has been irreversible failure.

Different from the adult uremia, the cause of children's uremia can be roughly 5 years old. Children under 5 years of age with uremia, may be associated with congenital renal hypoplasia, renal cysts, urinary tract abnormalities and a series of abnormal anatomy of the urinary system." Lu Yiyun said that more than 5 years of age, the incidence of children and adolescents are more likely to be acquired nephritis or hereditary nephropathy. For example, children suffering from various diseases of nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, allergic purpura nephritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, regurgitation of kidney disease, has not been effectively controlled, leading to disease for a long time does not heal, finally become uremia.

Clinical data also shows that many adult patients with uremia, the "root cause" may be buried in the childhood, at that time did not appear obvious symptoms of nephropathy, until after a sudden outbreak of adult. Lu Yiyun pointed out that due to kidney compensatory ability of the early in the disease, children often do not show the typical "alarm signal", some children may appear nausea, fatigue, poor appetite, insomnia, poor spirit, growth retardation and other atypical manifestation.

Prevention: the first to start from the womb

Pediatric uremia early prevention should start from the womb. "Some fetal congenital anomalies, the influence on his development in the womb is not, because in the womb many metabolic activities mainly rely on the mother to maintain; but after birth, the baby can only rely on their own, there will be a problem." Lu Yiyun pointed out that the baby found a large number of hydronephrosis before treatment, renal function has often been irreversible damage. She suggested that pregnant women at high risk of fetal ultrasound can be checked to see if the baby appears hydronephrosis, urinary system abnormalities, etc..

After the baby is born, the regular physical examination should pay attention to check urine, and active prevention and treatment of hypertension. Need to be reminded that, if the baby is due to a fever for the first time due to urinary tract infection, it is necessary to check the presence of urinary abnormalities, reflux disease, etc., timely treatment.

Treatment: frequent doctor for more harm than good

There are a lot of uremic baby doctor has been developed to treat uremia, it's too late. Experts stressed that the early stage of chronic kidney disease is normal renal function and compensatory period is critical. "Once the progression to renal failure stage, only through the kidney and renal dialysis to sustain life, but this is only replacement therapy, it is difficult to cure." Lu Yiyun said: "parents don't eat the so-called" ancestral recipe ", which are often the swindler in the so-called" Chinese medicine powder "adding quantitative hormone medication is not standardized, could cause difficulties for follow-up treatment."

Some adult patients in the treatment of uremia think a hospital effect is poor, will be attracted to other hospitals, people often around three or four or more hospitals will eventually settle down. Different from adults, uremia children can not afford the frequent replacement of the consequences of the doctor.

"The treatment of chronic kidney disease in children is a long process and needs patience. It is very important to establish a long-term relationship of trust and cooperation between children and doctors." Lu Yiyun stressed, such as nephrotic syndrome, the first treatment to "illness", namely the use of hormones from the maximum amount of starting, generally in accordance with 1.5~2 / kg mg of hormone, again according to the children's reactions, gradually reduce the dosage, usage and dosage until you find the most suitable for children.

If you frequently change hospitals and doctors, each treatment must first start from the maximum amount, after a certain time according to the therapeutic effect was evaluated, the equivalent of elongated children received a lot of hormone test time, physical development of the negative.

Diet: eat more beans, eggs and milk

At the same time, children should pay attention to diet. Compared with adults, because the baby is in the development stage of uremia, need to take more nutrients, so the need to be careful when dealing with material intake. Lu Yiyun gives the following recommendations of diet.

1 high quality low protein diet. Avoid intake of high protein foods such as legumes and plant protein. Recommend the choice of milk, eggs, meat and other foods containing essential amino acids. Adults to 0.5 grams per kilogram of body weight per day of high-quality low protein, children can be slightly larger than the intake


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