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How does diabetes usually eat good?

2017-05-13 16:36
Diabetic nephropathy is one of the common complications of diabetes. If you can detect it in the early stage, through drug intervention and diet control, the diabetic can still keep the kidney and maintain the normal operation of the kidney. So, diabetic nephropathy patients should be how to eat right kidney?
Vegetable fruit
1. protein: the optimization is not much.
Many sugar friends know that the kidney is bad, it is necessary to control protein intake. However, protein is a very important nutrient in the human body and can not be completely ingested. Experts suggest that patients with diabetic nephropathy should minimize the intake of vegetable protein, fasting soy products, appropriate restrictions on staple food, protein intake, we will try to choose milk, egg protein, such high-quality protein. In addition, about how much protein intake ", were the best according to their level of serum creatinine and creatinine clearance rate to decide, the former is higher, the lower protein intake is more strict.
2. fat: low fat diet, moderate calories.
Because of the heat supply will lead to the decomposition of fat and protein in patients with renal function, will cause the increase in serum creatinine, urea and other indicators, so the daily calorie intake in patients with diabetic nephropathy can not be too small, not too much. Fat is associated with the progression of kidney failure, so keep a low fat diet. Some experts suggest that patients with diabetic nephropathy can use Chinese yam, taro and other starchy foods instead of staple food.
3. other nutrients: high calcium, low phosphorus, high cellulose.
Many people with diabetic nephropathy have low calcium and high phosphorus levels, so theoretically they should supplement calcium from the diet and reduce phosphorus intake. However, the daily food, many calcium high food, phosphorus is also high, so diabetic nephropathy patients should focus on low phosphorus diet, do not eat animal offal, eat melon seeds and other nuts. In addition, the high fiber diet is conducive to maintaining the metabolic balance of diabetes patients, excretion congestion, so patients with diabetes may be appropriate to eat more roughage, high fiber fruits and vegetables.

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