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When creatinine is elevated, how to stop the progression of

2017-12-15 16:26

Serum creatinine is an important measure of renal function in patients with nephropathy, and is also a clinical concern of our doctors in the treatment. So, serum creatinine is just beginning to rise. The treatment of nephrotic patients to prevent the progression of renal function, to do the following three things:

When creatinine is elevated, how to stop the progression of renal function?

Control the progression of the disease. Elevated blood creatinine means a decline in renal function, which can lead to toxin accumulation, blood creatinine is getting higher and higher. To reduce the accumulation of toxins. The primary control is urine protein, which is an independent risk factor for nephropathy. If it is not properly controlled, it will aggravate the decline of renal function and lead to the exacerbation of the disease. To develop to renal failure, uremia. General nephrotic patients 24 hours urine protein quantitative control below 0.5 g, the lower the incidence of renal failure.

When Kidney function after damage is cannot be reversed, so if somebody says can restore kidney function completely, must think twice before line. Insist in regular special hospital treatment. To get more comprehensive and professional treatment. Do not frequently change hospitals and doctors, it is best to find a reliable doctor from beginning to end, better understand your history, disease changes, more helpful to the treatment of the disease.

Serum creatinine between 186-451μmol/L and 452-707μmol/L is the stage of renal failure, both of which are the most important period of treatment. The first stage is to avoid progression to renal failure, and the second stage is to slow down the progression of renal function and prolong the duration of uremia.

In the usual treatment process, patients in addition to regular treatment, but also pay attention to diet, daily habits, medication, regular review and other aspects of the monitoring. Chronic kidney disease is a need for long-term management of the disease. Others can be lazy, but nephrotic patients can not have lazy psychology, can make the disease better and better.

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