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What kind of patients need maintenance dialysis treatment?

2017-12-19 16:29

Taking the most common cause of uremia for example, uremia is divided into four stages. Stage Ⅱ chronic renal insufficiency (mild uremia symptom); Stage Ⅲ chronic renal failure; Stage IV end stage nephropathy (severe stage). Which stage is the most suitable for maintenance dialysis?

What kind of patients need maintenance dialysis treatment?

Generally speaking, patients with uremia are most likely to develop cardiovascular disease. This is also the leading cause of death. Therefore, experts recommend that dialysis should be carried out in the second stage of chronic renal insufficiency when the following symptoms are present: obvious symptoms of uremia; The ratio of blood muscle liver to urea nitrogen was significantly increased. Anuria, or apparent oliguria; Heart failure, encephalopathy, etc. Severe acidosis or electrolyte abnormalities (metabolic abnormalities).

Purpose of nutritional therapy

Modern disease clinical comprehensive treatment program is an indispensable part of the important.

According to the characteristics of the disease, different dietary formulations can be made for the patients. The purpose of auxiliary diagnosis and treatment can be achieved by enhancing body resistance, promoting tissue repair and correcting nutritional deficiency.

Nutrition treatment of chronic kidney disease has been more than 130 years. Active and effective nutrition therapy is very important to alleviate uremia symptoms, delay the progress of chronic kidney disease and improve the quality of life of patients.

The harm of malnutrition

Increase the rate of hospitalization and prolong the duration of hospitalization.

The clinical prognosis is poor, heart failure, myocardial infarction and other complications are serious and multiple.

The progression of renal function deterioration was accelerated, the survival time was shortened, and the relative risk of death was increased by 0.4 for every 1 g reduction of serum albumin.

Mortality was significantly higher in patients with malnutrition after dialysis than in patients with good nutrition.

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