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Methods of self-care after kidney transplantation!

2018-01-16 15:57

After being discharged from hospital, patients can relax their mood, but strengthening self-care awareness in life is helpful for the recovery of the body. What should be done?

Physical exercise is positive for both physical and mental health, conducive to being energetic, entrepreneurial and social, and regular exercise also helps to control your weight.

Methods of self-care after kidney transplantation!

Regular measurement of body temperature, attention to body temperature changes. When the body temperature over 38 ℃ for more than a day, suggesting that there may be rejection or infection, contact with the doctor as soon as possible, do not take their own medication without the consent of the doctor. Learn to measure your blood pressure, pay attention to changes in blood pressure, if there are abnormal circumstances, please inform the doctor.

Pay attention to the care of the teeth, should use a soft toothbrush, so as not to damage your gums. Brushing your teeth in time after each meal, mouthwash with preservative water. If you have dentures, should be carefully scrub after meal.

UV rays in daylight can cause skin aging, sunburn and even skin cancer. Organ transplantation because of low immunity, it is prone to sun-induced skin sunburn. It should be noted:

Whether it is sunny or cloudy, avoid going out at noon (10am to 3pm) as the UV rays are strongest and should be as cool as possible. Outdoor activities, in addition to sunscreen, but also wear a hat, wear long-sleeved and breathable pants. In spring and summer, use sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 15 on all exposed areas, especially the face, neck and hands. After sweating or swimming, apply sunscreen once more. If you have a birthmark, please note that the color of the birthmark changes and the border situation, if there is any change, please tell your doctor.

Long-term hospitalization and surgery on physical exertion, the right diet and nutrition on the recovery after transplantation is very important. A healthy and balanced diet is good for your health. As hormones can significantly enhance appetite, pay attention to prevent excessive growth of body weight. Your diet should be low-fat, low-sugar. It is best to consult a nutritionist to set up your recipe plan.

After transplantation, more and more attention has been paid to nursing, becoming an important factor influencing the postoperative cure rate. Through regular review after transplantation, take timely medication, self-care, patients can solve the early detection and diagnosis of complications, reduce rejection problems and improve postoperative quality of life of patients.

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