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High end to end performance of uremia

2017-02-02 15:29

A lot of uremic patient high creatinine condition is very serious, to the end they do not know, this is very dangerous, I site under the kidney disease hospital nephropathy experts explained that the high end in uremic serum creatinine, performance is very obvious, including skin manifestations, change of urine showed edema, and so on, so when the patient feels the condition is serious, or better to the hospital for a correct diagnosis, away from uremia creatinine high happen to us, do not have to bring the influence of side effects of kidney health.
First, when the patient is slow and deep respiratory acidosis. The exhaled breath of the patient has a smell of urine, which is caused by the decomposition of urea from the sleeping solution. The patient showed severe pulmonary edema, fibrinous pleurisy or calcification of lung lesions.
Two, itchy skin is a rare high creatinine in uremic patients, may be toxic products on the receptors in the skin irritation caused by; others think that with secondary hyperparathyroidism, because after parathyroidectomy, the painful performance immediately.
Three, patients with dry skin, desquamation and yellowish brown. Changes in the color of the skin, previously considered to be an increase in the amount of urine, but with absorption spectrophotometer, indicating that the main pigment of the skin melanin.
Four PI tolerance tolerance of patients with uremia creatinine high sugar decreased the glucose tolerance curve similar to mild diabetic patients, but the change is not sensitive to exogenous insulin
Five, the negative nitrogen balance negative nitrogen balance may cause weight loss, patients with cachexia and hypoproteinemia. Hypoproteinemia is one of the main causes of renal edema
Chinese medicine treatment of nephropathy network penetration therapy + six immunotherapy is the treatment of various light and oxygen in the blood cells induced by cytokines and metabolites, and then after autologous blood transfusion to light and oxygen effect of the patient's own. The human immune response triggering a series, activation of human neutrophil phagocytosis, neutrophils, and to remove the kidney immune complex deposition and clearance and renal capillary capillary coagulation, the degeneration, edema, hyperplasia, damage, necrosis of glomerulus, renal tubules, renal interstitial recovery.
Finally, the immune complex and the living kidney can be eliminated, and the renal oxygen supply can be improved, which is beneficial to the recovery of the damaged kidney cells and realizes the synchronization of the treatment and the maintenance.
Quality of service, my website under the kidney hospital, advocate the concept of quality service, combining the international advanced management mode, promote parity, transparent, fair, reasonable and lawful concept of service, have love, patience, carefulness and responsibility to the patient, with its new ideas, unique style to come to visit the patient is given "enjoy medical service".

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