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How to treat polycystic kidney disease

2017-05-02 09:45
Patient counseling:
Hello doctor: I am the right kidney surface and meat found between a 4.1CM similar to the cyst, there are signs of calcification, ten years ago, was found, when the size of the egg yolk size, there is no feeling of pain. Now slightly larger, lit, there is pain.
renal cyst
The doctor did not say like cysts, calculi, minimally invasive surgery recommended CT tablets, display and kidney just contact, what is in the kidney or kidney long uncertain don't know you say, but also afraid of regeneration, if it should be the best treatment for renal cyst, I like this situation is not serious?
kidney doctor online expert answers:
The patient Hello, according to these simple information you provide, you first suggested a clear diagnosis, if suspected kidney problems, you need to do is check kidney related, if the diagnosis is cyst of kidney problems, we need to take the renal pathological treatment, the treatment of kidney disease.
As for the treatment of renal cyst unroofing and decompression therapy is a common surgical treatment, clinical treatment also has this method take a lot of renal cysts, but you should understand that it is up to a certain extent in the cyst, previously not found the effective method, it caused such an emergency. Temporary surgery or endoscopy and was forced to take, but done if you still do not take effective measures, the other will quickly seize the cyst surgery cut open, the next cyst growth rate than normal increased 30%. So if treated with surgery, only temporarily alleviate the disease, rather than on treatment of kidney disease, so it can not guarantee the day after will relapse.
Another method is injecting sclerosing agent, this treatment often in large cysts in the injection of sclerosing agent, such as anhydrous alcohol, and this only made by a few big cyst injection of no growth, while other tens of thousands of cysts and not because of the cyst was injected and improved. Cyst decompression surgery and cyst injection of sclerosing agent, not only can bring unnecessary side effects of injury, and can only be temporarily forced to cope with clinical initiatives.
What is the best way to treat renal cysts? Guo Bao Ye Fu Li Xue: the whole and local drug therapy is a new technique and method for the treatment of renal cysts.
This therapy is the single photon kidney renal nuclear medicine diagnostic instrument, qualitative and accurate positioning of each polycystic kidney cyst of polycystic kidney and polycystic liver in patients with renal parenchyma after CT in iontophoresis device under the action of high concentration of ion of Chinese traditional medicine treatment of cyst, not through the digestive tract and kidney area in direct penetration through the meridians the kidney meridians and increase the permeability of the capsule wall, accelerate blood circulation, promote the cystic fluid discharge, the pressure drop, thereby protecting the renal function, as long as the recovery of renal function, no growth cyst patients, these patients can achieve the effect of rehabilitation. You can submit your relevant inspection report and disease information, click on the online experts, to understand how to treat the kidney cyst of kidney medicine

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