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Treatment of glomerulonephritis

2017-05-24 14:24

What is the treatment for renal disease? How to prevention and treatment of primary IgA nephropathy?? the diagnosis and treatment of hair pathogenic factors had kidney disease after IgA and analysis of Chinese medicine? Immune blocking therapy in the treatment of IgA nephropathy IgA nephropathy three successful cases to the treatment of nephrotic! Good method? How to effectively prevent the kidney disease? What are the treatment of nephropathy what method?? induceddiseases high severe nephropathy? Nephropathy should be early prevention and early treatment of nephropathy? Combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine is how to treat the disease? Can you cure,?


Patient: Li Qiang, female, 25 years old, Changchun

Diagnosis: glomerulonephritis

Before admission: spirit, diet, poor sleep on admission, the foot is not warm, not love sweating, laboratory examination: ten of urine sediment, urine occult blood (3+), red blood cell count >50/HP sediment, red blood cell morphological examination of deformation of red cell >70%, double kidney ultrasound shows: the renal capsule is irregular, the collection system echo disorders, renal ECT examination revealed renal perfusion was slightly decreased, filtration function in mild renal damage, renal glomerular filtration rate decreased slightly, bilateral upper urinary tract drainage is not smooth.

Treatment: after the Chinese medicine treatment in the kidney hospital, the patient's spirit, diet and sleep better, warm hands and feet, the whole body love sweating. Laboratory examination: ten of urine sediment, urine occult blood negative sediment, red blood cell count 0-2/HP, renal ultrasound showed: double renal capsule is smooth, homogeneous echo collection system, two renal abnormalities of renal ECT showed normal renal perfusion, renal filtration function, renal glomerular filtration rate normal, double upper urinary drainage, the patient has normal work.

Analysis: kidney disease also called Berger disease, is a special type of glomerulonephritis, multiple children and young people, is a kind of immunodeficiency disease, nephropathy hospital "medicine system" is the motherland medicine "Yin and Yang", "the whole concept", "syndrome differentiation" principle, combined with the holographic theory and modern physics medical immunology theory, the integrated therapy is divided into people (i.e. patients and doctors), the three part dynamic treatment system for individual treatment and the condition and system change. In the practice of clinical subjects in kidney disease, emphasizing the combination of all, TCM by rousing, blood stasis, dredge the meridians, detoxification Xiezhuo, external treatment for internal diseases and other methods, the bidirectional regulation of the immune status of kidney, to restore the effective circulation, antagonistic western medicine side effects, improve the clinical symptoms from kidney disease. Reduce glomerular inflammation, alleviate or remove abnormal urine (proteinuria or hematuria), improve the residual glomerular function, to delay the progression of renal failure. It is a kind of internal disease, external treatment, and the treatment of symptoms. In recent years, it has been used in hospitals for treatment of kidney disease.

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