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A heart-warming story

2017-02-02 09:32

It is a impressive stroy: on September 28th, my 41years old brother was diagnosed with uremia. All of my family members shocked and the hospital had no good idea. So,we had to sent my brother to capitan of my country-New Delhi However, after we took the papers to ask the doctor to see it, the doctor said that it would take 400,000. As a poverty family,we really have no such money. We had no idea and had to ask all people we know if they know some hospital that is cheap and is good at curing this disease. However, heaven never seals off all the exits, a patient in the same room told us that there is a hospital in China that is very good at curing this disease. So we phoned him quickly and the doctor was very patient. In this situation,we had to make every possible effort. We went to Shijiazhuang the next day.


It was really shocked us that only after twenty days my brother's disease was decreased and he felt better soon. We were so happy that what most touched me was that the doctors and nursers there are so nice since two months we stayed there. But the most touched us is the doctor Zheng Falei. He is not only good at curing this disease but also be responsible for doing everything. And he is very selfless. One day, we bought some apples and these apples are so fresh. Zheng Falei went to our room happened, so my mother wanted to gave him some apples to express our thanks mood. But he refused with a firm hand.


In the most critical moment of my brother's save time, Zheng Falei never went hoom after his work and he slept in the sickroom at night. He told us once there is some emergency situation,we must inform him. My mother is an old woman and she has a bad temper. My brother had a bad temper as well for the disease always torment him. They always shouted to the doctor, but he never complained.


My brother 's condition is unstable and he lost his confidence. He had trouble with the doctors willfully and did not coordinate with the doctors. We have no idea with him. However,the doctors were so patient and they encouraged my brother" do not leave and we will do our best to save you”. Every thing comes to him who waits. My brother regain his health finally after two months.


We really appreciate all the people of Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital.

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