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Uremic patients with skin itching how to do?

2017-01-25 18:01

Uremia or uremia maintain hemodialysis patients 60% ~ 90% have skin itching. Chinese medicine think uremic pruritus caused by damp cohesion, blood dryness wind, hot and humid in, can not lose the vent, shall not be reached through, due to the skin striae and disease.


The bath can detoxification and turbidity, through the meridians, regulating the body, while the thermal effects of the medicated bath helps to promote blood circulation, resulting in blood stasis and the effect of water.

The general bath easily through the skin to enter the body to play the role of drugs. The warm effect by medicine bath and the medicine directly to the skin, because skin temperature increase, skin telangiectasia, promote blood and lymph circulation, make the poison with sweat excretion.


Medicated Bathroom


Recommend a bath prescription for everyone:

Angelica 20g, achyranthes20g, mistletoe 20g, gentiana15g, poria30g, kochia20g, baixianpi20g, chantui15g, wind 15g, Schizonepeta, decoction medicated bath, once every other day, half a course.


At this prescription,angelica has dispelling dampness and anti itch effect; achyranthes tonifying the liver and kidney and strong bones, and water swelling; after dispelling dampness, nourishing liver and kidney, strong bones and muscles; soil Fuling dehumidification, detoxification has clear heat effect; fruit; fresh white skin heat detoxification antipruritic effect chantui Shufeng cooling effect;; Schizonepeta expelling wind effect.

This prescription decoction medicated bath, can make the already damaged kidney has the opportunity to recover, polyuria, degrade edema , improve the immune capacity. Urea nitrogen and creatinine is excreted not only alleviate symptoms of nausea and vomiting,  also can rapidly improve the risk of hyperkalemia symptoms brought to the skin.

This method is widely applied to clinical, uremic pruritus patients can achieve the effect of specimens.


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