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How should hypertensive nephrosis patient eat?

2017-07-27 16:24

I believe we hear nephropathy this word, you will feel the psychological fear, because kidney disease is difficult to treat, but also bring great harm to patients, experts introduce, hypertensive nephropathy diet is more important , so you have to look, in-depth understanding of the needs of patients with hypertensive nephropathy so how diet for everyone below? Explain in detail.

1, eating habits should be reasonable

Patients should be under the guidance of a doctor to develop a reasonable diet, limiting certain foods, so as to comply with the body's absorption, all equal treatment and rehabilitation.

2. Control the intake of salt and fat

Patients should control the intake of salt, a day intake should be reduced to less than 6 grams, can reduce blood pressure in patients with Hypertension Nephropathy; most of them will appear fat metabolic disorders, excessive fat intake will aggravate Hypertension Nephropathy, thus reducing fat intake can improve metabolic disorders.

3, eat more vitamins

Taking plenty of vitamins is good for regulating your metabolism, especially B vitamins, and you can take vitamin supplements when necessary.

4, moderate drinking tea

Tea polyphenols play an important role in fat metabolism. They can clear away heat, detoxify, diminish inflammation, sterilize and soften blood vessels.

5, appropriate amount of protein supplement

Hypertensive nephropathy patients should be appropriate to supplement the protein, can not be missing, not too much.

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