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Why hypertension and kidney disease cause and effect each ot

2018-02-05 16:41

Hypertension and kidney disease are very high incidence diseases, in addition to the high incidence of both diseases, hypertension and kidney disease are causality. High blood pressure has become an important cause of uremia. High blood pressure not only causes heart disease and stroke, but also often causes kidney disease.

Why hypertension and kidney disease cause and effect each other?

The kidneys discharge waste from the body by producing urine, which is pressurized by the blood in the kidneys. Therefore, the kidney is the highest blood pressure part of the body. Hypertension is also the most vulnerable organ. Hypertension can cause hypertension nephropathy and renal artery stenosis, which has become an important cause of uremia. Most patients with hypertension nephropathy do not have obvious discomfort. Some special examinations must be passed to diagnose the disease, so it is often ignored in the early stage. In addition, the increase of urinary microalbuminuria in hypertension not only represents renal disease, but also indicates the appearance of systemic vascular disease. It is a good predictor of heart disease and stroke.

Just as high blood pressure can cause hardening of the heart's blood vessels and coronary heart disease, high blood pressure can also cause kidney arteriosclerosis and renal artery stenosis, and make it more stubborn. This is an important reason why high blood pressure cannot be effectively controlled. 1/3 of patients with coronary heart disease suffer from renal artery stenosis only because no examination is unknown.

Kidney disease just like chronic nephritis, pyelonephritis, is the most common secondary cause of hypertension, especially in young people. Thus losing the best opportunity for early treatment.

The hypertension treatment with kidney disease has a lot of attention, whether it is hypertension caused by kidney disease, or hypertension caused by kidney disease, the control of blood pressure has special requirements. First of all. Drugs that are both effective in lowering blood pressure and protecting kidneys must be selected. Secondly, when some special cases such as renal artery stenosis, renal function decline, some antihypertensive drugs can not be used or to reduce the amount of; Finally, hypotension requirements are higher, blood pressure must be controlled below 130 / 80 mmHg, and for patients with more proteinuria, lower blood pressure is required. Diets, including salt and protein, are also more restrictive.

First found hypertension, the patient must make a comprehensive examination, to determine whether there are kidney disease, especially under 40 years old, or with diabetes, coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia, hyperuricemia and gout, edema, more urine foam. Nocturnal dysuria and lumbar acid and other diseases and symptoms, as well as patients with a family history of kidney disease.

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