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Food that can't be eaten by hypertension

2018-02-05 16:49

Hypertension generally occurs in the elderly more, normal time will not pose a threat to the body but hypertension patients in the diet should be strictly controlled. Avoid inadvertently raising your blood pressure. So what can people with high blood pressure eat? What are the taboos?

Food that can't be eaten by hypertension

The blood pressure of normal people fluctuated in a certain range with the change of internal and external environment. In the whole population, the blood pressure level gradually increased with age, especially systolic pressure, but after 50 years old, diastolic blood pressure showed a downward trend. Pulse pressure also increases with it. High blood pressure is caused in this way.

Alcohol is a kind of drink that can make people's heart rate quicken. Hypertension patients are not suitable for drinking. Vasoconstriction, blood pressure rise, can also promote calcium salt, cholesterol and other deposits in the blood vessel wall, accelerate arteriosclerosis. A large number of long-term drinking. It is easy to induce arteriosclerosis and aggravate hypertension. Therefore, patients with hypertension should quit drinking.

High blood pressure patients should not drink strong tea, especially strong black tea. Because black tea contains the highest theophylline, can cause brain excitement, restlessness, insomnia, palpitations and other discomfort. So that blood pressure rises. And drinking light green tea is conducive to the treatment of hypertension.

Sodium chloride is the main component of salt. Sodium retention can cause the increase of extracellular fluid, cardiac output and blood pressure. Therefore, the intake of salt should be restricted in patients with hypertension.

Many diseases can not eat spicy and fine food, hypertension is no exception. Spicy and fine food can make stool dry difficult to discharge, easy to lead to constipation, patients defecate, will make abdominal pressure rise, blood pressure sudden rise. Cause cerebral hemorrhage, so hypertension patients are forbidden spicy and fine food.

Exercise proteins are good for the human body, but they are harmful for high blood pressure. People with hypertension should limit or ban the intake of animal protein, which is produced by protein metabolism. Can cause blood pressure fluctuation. Common diet can choose high biological value high quality protein, such as fish, milk and so on. Some proteins have hypotensive effect.

Many people in life use chicken soup to supplement the body, but this does not have any effect on patients with high blood pressure. Chicken soup has a high nutritional value, and drinking more chicken soup will increase cholesterol and blood pressure. Therefore. Chicken soup should not be blindly used as a patient's nutrition, especially for people with high blood pressure. Otherwise, chicken soup would only aggravate the disease and be harmful to the body.

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