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What is the diet taboo in the diet?

2017-01-24 17:18

What is the diet taboo in the diet?

I believe you must have heard about how the creatinine the term, so today I'll take you to try to understand the pathological characteristics of creatinine of this kind of disease, the right treatment, and later recovery notices should master. I hope you can understand today, we can really pay attention to the health of our body, our metabolism of muscle tissue has a new understanding.

In order to control the continuous deterioration of renal function in patients, patients should control the intake of protein, the use of high-quality high-quality protein diet. Daily protein intake should be controlled at 0.8-1.0 g / kg body weight. Patients with high serum creatinine should choose foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin C.

At the same time, serum creatinine in patients with high note on tobacco and wine limited. Due to the toxicity of tobacco is mainly to the kidney, blood poisoning, smoking and drinking more and more big on renal vascular injury, earlier aggravate renal arteriosclerosis, promote glomerular sclerosis.

Secondly, on the salt and water restriction is particularly severe.

Serum creatinine higher than normal patients according to the progress of the stage of the disease, will have different degrees of swelling symptoms, if eating too much water or eating too much salt can increase the swelling degree, and the patient can not remove water and sodium in the body, therefore, to a certain extent, drink more water, eat more salt that will make the condition worse. Patients should be based on the doctor's advice to eat a reasonable amount of salt, light patients can give a small amount of salt. But, overall, salt intake can not be excessive, serious illness, salt intake should be banned, salt free diet.

Suggest that you adopt the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine treatment, western medicine symptomatic detoxification, traditional oral Chinese medicine through the digestive tract and liver metabolism, to reach the drug concentration in the kidney is low, it is difficult to play due effect.

Through detailed, scientific explanations and a series of analyses of creatinine, we can see that creatinine is a metabolic product of our muscles. To maintain the normal development of all the muscles in our daily lives, creatinine values can not be high, nor low. We hope that we can pay attention to the effects of creatinine on our body.

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