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Creatinine can also be reduced!

2017-01-25 14:18

Creatinine can also be reduced!
The 25 year old Li from Yunnan, 6 years ago he was diagnosed with allergic purpura, purpura nephritis, hands and feet were bleeding, accompanied by dizziness, headache, blurred vision, 3+ protein, occult blood 3+, 1 months of treatment in the local time, review the protein 2+, 2+ treatment of patients with occult blood, feeling well, to eat medicine, six months after the review, occult blood 3+ protein 3+, creatinine and urea nitrogen of 446 mol/L 12.77mmol/L, was diagnosed with allergic purpura nephritis, chronic renal failure, hospitalized 7 days after urea nitrogen 16.8mmol/L creatinine 620 mol/L, to see what effect the treatment was not strong, Li asked the hospital.
Xiao Li in order to be able to get better treatment, went to a lot of hospitals, and finally chose our hospital.
Through the inspection found Mike creatinine 520 mol, urea nitrogen, 20.3 mol/L, 24 hour urinary protein quantitative 5.65g, and patients with edema, shortness of breath, can not sleep at night, eat, not the spirit, the doctor according to the treatment of patients with test results and the situation before have a detailed understanding. To determine the treatment plan for him.
Xiao Li in these 6 years, creatinine continued to rise, the kidneys have reached the failure period. His body has accumulated a lot of toxins, if you can not remove these toxins in vitro, Xiao Li's kidney will be severely damaged creatinine or will continue to rise. So the first doctor Li according to Mike made a bedside blood filter, it removes the middle molecule toxins Li contained in the body of toxins, so there will be no danger, traditional Chinese medicine and further used the characteristics of our college to remove endotoxin in renal cell function, but also make full use of Chinese medicine cleaning the blood of the toxic advantages, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning kidney toxin.
Use of the hospital's traditional Chinese medicine treatment for a month, Xiao Li's creatinine dropped to 221 mol/L, urea nitrogen fell to a of 12.8 mol/L, urine protein decreased to 4.41g. Not only that, now Xiao edema disappeared, and people are more and more spirit, and now is to eat well incense, sleep can sleep until dawn.
Creatinine can from 520 mu mol/L to 221 mu mol/L, only a bedside blood filter is not up to such treatment, mainly in our hospital Chinese medicine blood stasis Qingdu improve metabolic function of the kidney.

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