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What are the causes of low creatinine? What are the factors leading to low creatinine?

2017-01-25 14:53

What are the causes of low creatinine? What are the factors leading to low creatinine?
What most people believe creatinine is not clear, but it appears abnormal phenomenon, our body will feel uncomfortable, but also have some disease, then you know what is the reason for the low creatinine, what are the causes and treatment methods of low creatinine, let us take a look at it low creatinine the reason.
Reasons for low creatinine
Creatinine is a product of muscle metabolism in the body, and each 20g muscle metabolism can produce 1mg creatinine. Creatinine is mainly excreted by glomerular filtration. The blood creatinine comes from two kinds of exogenous and endogenous, exogenous creatinine is the product of the metabolism of meat food in vivo. There is no significant change in body muscle metabolism when meat intake is stable. So what is the main cause of low creatinine? Let's have a detailed look at the following.
Due to various causes of kidney are violated, the first is the occurrence of impaired renal cell phenotype, stimulate the kidney fibroblasts into myofibroblasts, and invasion and to stimulate the normal renal tissue inherent in the same lesion, thus forming a kidney from point to plane, from local to the whole, expand the spread of excitation, thus entered the organic injury period (i.e. renal injury period), this time due to kidney damage caused by continuous, its excretion function decreased, causing toxins such as creatinine accumulation in the body, which appeared in the blood creatinine and urea nitrogen increased, urine creatinine decreased, double kidney filtration rate decreased.
There are many reasons for the low serum creatinine, creatinine and creatinine may lower anemia, malnutrition, muscle atrophy, leukemia, diabetes insipidus and other related diseases. There is a data value in creatinine value called urea nitrogen value, which is easily affected by many other factors, so it can not simply reflect the renal function.
Creatinine values in the absence of muscle disease, which are relatively simple, can be synchronized with renal function. Therefore, when the kidney itself, urea nitrogen, creatinine increased synchronously, so the urea nitrogen / creatinine ratio will fall to a certain value range (less than 20). If it is a pre renal factor, often urea nitrogen will rise more, so the urea nitrogen / creatinine values will be greater (greater than 20). Low creatinine nephropathy patients should be timely treatment of Irpex lacteus, Irpex lacteus can be used for the treatment of glomerular diseases, significant effect.
Creatinine is one of the most important items in the examination of renal function, and the patients should pay more attention to it. So what is the low level of creatinine? Hospital experts, in the renal function test results of urea nitrogen and creatinine is lower than the normal value, there is no clinical significance.
However, the low creatinine is what is going on? Next to the hospital by the experts to introduce you to the kidney. Low creatinine is going on? The hospital experts, there are many reasons for the low creatinine may be associated with disease, anemia, muscular dystrophy, muscle atrophy, leukemia, diabetes insipidus etc..
If the creatinine value is slightly lower than the normal value, it can be re examined once. What is low creatinine, creatinine is the most commonly used indicator of renal function, but also a necessary examination of health examination. Many of the people who had been tested had detectable serum creatinine levels within the normal range, and they thought their kidney function was completely free. In fact, this is a misunderstanding of serum creatinine.
Because of the value of serum creatinine, the renal function can not be reflected in a timely and accurate manner. When most of the human kidney is suffering from pathological damage, glomerular filtration rate decreased significantly (more than 50%), when the rise in serum creatinine may be clinically apparent. Therefore, it is generally considered that the concept of "normal blood creatinine, indicating that the kidney is nothing," this error should be corrected.
If the usual vegetarian or smaller thin muscle volume, low serum creatinine, need to strengthen nutrition. What is the low rate of creatinine? What is the reason for the low creatinine, what is the meaning of low creatinine? No matter whether the serum creatinine is low or the serum creatinine is high, all patients should pay attention to it. Creatinine in the human body is mainly produced by creatine, which is excreted by the kidneys.
Under normal circumstances, due to the relative stability of the body's muscle mass, so the formation of creatinine is constant, the level of serum creatinine is mainly determined by the number of renal creatinine. The renal function is very powerful, if the two kidneys are normal, as long as a kidney function, blood creatinine can be maintained at normal levels. In other words, the degree of kidney injury accounted for more than half of the whole kidney, will lead to elevated serum creatinine.
First, the amount of salt limit
In general, renal insufficiency, decompensated patients with azotemia although high serum creatinine, and the beginning of the clinical symptoms of mild, but because there is no visible pathological injury, hypertension and edema, control of salt intake were given low salt or salt free diet.
Two, vitamin intake
Patients with high creatinine creatinine should choose foods rich in vitamin A, vitamin B2, vitamin C. If the renal function is not only high creatinine renal failure, but no urine, no swelling patients can not help salt and water, maintain a low salt diet. If there is severe edema, as well as high blood pressure and even heart failure should be strictly prohibited salt.

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