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How does renal failure with high creatinine in patients diet?

2017-11-29 17:38

Renal failure with high creatinine is a very obvious lab index of renal insufficiency , because of renal insufficiency of Kidney Pathological Damage serious damage to the normal renal unit and its function, will not cause kidney toxins such as creatinine and urea nitrogen excretion, creatinine, urea nitrogen increased the emergence of symptoms.

How does renal failure with high creatinine in patients diet?

Reminds patients that the primary treatment should be focused on preventing renal pathology from continuing damage, protecting the remaining nephron and repairing damaged kidney units. In addition to symptomatic treatment, the patient's daily care is also particularly important, then patients should pay attention to what they eat in daily life?

The amount of salt intake: General renal insufficiency in patients with decompensated azotemia, while serum creatinine is higher, at the same time there will be a mild clinical symptoms, but the renal unit can according to whether there is a moderate injury, hypertension and edema, control the amount of salt intake, low salt or no salt diet.

The supply of protein: because of the patient's condition of the occurrence of nitrogen deficiency, renal dysfunction, in order to control the deterioration of renal function, should control the intake of protein, the use of high-quality high-quality protein food. In addition, patients with high creatinine in renal failure should also be rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C food.

If the patient is only high creatinine, but no oliguria, no edema patients can not help salt and water, but a low salt diet. Salt should be strictly prohibited if severe edema, hypertension and heart failure are present.

Tobacco for physical damage is mainly for kidney and vascular damage caused by smoking and drinking more leads to renal and vascular injury is greater, it will only accelerate renal arteriosclerosis, promote glomerular sclerosis, so whether renal function normal or abnormal renal function in patients with high serum creatinine should give up smoking and drinking, in order to avoid more damage to the kidney.


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