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Attention! Chronic renal insufficiency can cause anaemia!

2018-02-11 16:22

Anemia occurs when the progression of kidney disease deteriorates, leading to chronic renal failure or uremia. When kidney function is low, blood urea nitrogen rises to more than 17.9 mmol / L, creatinine reaches more than 354 p.mol / L, indicating that the patient is anaemic.

Attention! Chronic renal insufficiency can cause anaemia!

Bone marrow is the center of human hematopoiesis, and the amount of hemoglobin in red blood cells (also called hemoglobin) is a common index to judge anemia. Under normal circumstances, the life span of red blood cells in human body is 120 days. The body loses 1/120 of its red blood cells a day. Like the nation's population, birth and death rates maintain a dynamic balance.

As the red blood cells age and die, new red blood cells are produced in the bone marrow, which fills the human body with fresh blood at any time. The EPO secreted by the kidney can stimulate the hematopoiesis of the bone marrow. If the bone marrow is not stimulated enough, it will not produce enough red blood cells, which is the main cause of renal anemia.

The contents of various toxins in patients with chronic renal insufficiency increased. Some toxins can damage red blood cells, shorten their lifespan, and make the rate of erythrocyte birth less than the death rate of red blood cells. The iron and folic acid VitB12 in the patients with chronic renal insufficiency consume a great deal, and these three are the three indispensable raw materials for bone marrow hematopoiesis. If not supplied with sufficient hematopoietic raw materials, it can also lead to anemia.

In addition, acid and base disorders, electrolyte disorders, chronic blood loss, dialysis-associated hemolysis and other causes can cause anemia in patients with chronic renal insufficiency.

Patients with renal anemia are advised to supplement EPO and hematopoietic materials as prescribed by their doctors; patients who meet dialysis criteria should be fully dialyzed to reduce the level of toxins in their bodies; meanwhile, they should cooperate with doctors to correct environmental disorders in the body and avoid other complications. Complications. Chronic nephropathy of the internal environment disorder is mainly electrolyte disorders, acid-base imbalance.

Because renal anemia is closely related to renal function, control of the progression of kidney disease will lead to better control of renal anemia. Therefore, patients with renal anemia should follow the dietary principles of patients with chronic renal insufficiency, that is, low quality protein and low salt. A low fat diet.

The closer the amino acid pattern of a protein in food to the amino acid pattern of a human protein, the easier it is to be absorbed, known as high quality protein, such as eggs, milk, fish, and soy protein in common animal proteins.

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